I wrote and compiled this book with the help of my friend Betty DeGeneres who had just suffered a loss. I had delivered the bad news to over 3000 terminal folks, so Betty came to me to ask about handling losses. It is a book about Grief and Loss to help you get through the difficult times you are probably experiencing that brought you to this website. NO it will not get rid of (nor hide) your grief, but help YOU get through this difficult time.

Hoping to help you make YOUR FUTURE a better and stronger place when you are sitting someday looking back at this difficult time and realize that even with loss, you can take things with you from the loss that help you move forward. And, to help you roll on with a better future, more strength, and more hope, for the rest of your Tomorrows!

In a sense, Life Coaching is what we are doing together through this book, it’s about using what good tools YOU DO have, and moving forward with them versus dwelling on the past, so while this material can be therapeutic, it is NOT a substitute for Individual Therapy, and/or Bereavement Groups.

Yes, this IS a rough time, but you can grow from it. You will have a future, grab it.

And now, let’s work through this together.
dr. g.

Dr. Jim Gordon
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