Dr. G’s BIO

dr. jim gordon

Licensed Psychotherapist(1977 to present):
Private Practice 28 years, Beverly Hills; Specializing in Court Ordered- Dom.Viol./Anger Mgt. Groups(perpetrators); “Entertainment Shrink”

Adjunct Faculty, Mount Saint. Mary’s University, Brentwood, CA (2005 to present) Sociology Department/Criminal Justice :
courses: Soc 103- Intro to Group Process; Soc 106- Intro to Psychotherapy; CRI 113- Community Based Policing; Soc 199- Grief & Loss; Soc 199- Nine Steps to a Better Life; Soc 199- Sociology of Disability; online courses: Soc 107- Anger Management; Soc 108- Counseling Families of Substance Abusers

Media, TV, film:
Beverly Hills Anger Management (Reality show pilot); BHAM animated series; Zombie Bankers, producer, advisor; Coming Revival of a 1970’s Musical, producer/writer; VOP (Reality Show pilot)

Volunteer On Patrol: Los Angeles Sheriff Department – West Hollywood

Author: Amazon Publishing:
9 Steps to a Better Life; Get Over It!; Celebrity Shrink 90210; Dr. G’s Anger Management Self-Help Workbook; The Practice of Psychotherapy; Understanding Group Process for Mental Health Practitioners; Counseling the Family of a Substance Abuser; I was Never a Little Boy (2012); Grief & Loss – the Start, We call the End; Emotional Incest/”Alcoholic Mother’s Never Die, they just lie in their graves and wait for YOU” (2018)

Voice of Goodwill Industries( 1994-2003)

On Staff; Psych Consultant(7/1996-1/2003):
Colorado River Hospital, Needles, Ca (stroke-hab. unit)

1985-’91: Founding Counselor, AIDS/HIV Test Site:
State of California; trainer for State of Cal.Test Sites; co-author State HIV Test Site Manual “Training the Trainer”;
at the clinic, I delivered 3000 HIV+

1975-1983: Chairman, Westlake Ecumenical Council:
Interfaith Council of Churches

Tech Advisor/Consultant:
plays, TV shows & books: Stand-up Comic/S.Moore/HBO/Comedy Central; “My Name is Steven”, “One Nation Under God”, Kaiser AIDS Play/”SECRETS”, “Jinx’ Mystery”, Betty DeGeneres’- “Just a Mom”, “Love Ellen”, “Cabaret”, “Montel Williams Show”, CNN